Melbourne Storm

•January 13, 2010 • 5 Comments

I took this on the way back from the ‘Spirit of Tasmania’ photo posted last year. This was the last of the evening light and there was a storm that night as well, the atmosphere was edgy, yet cold and I got caught by the rain in the run back to the scoob.

Kidogo Arthouse

•January 13, 2010 • 7 Comments

Took this shot on an afternoon where the clouds looked so promising just prior to sunset and then they were gone! So I tried to make the most of what I could get and that was the light at sunset, one day I may learn how to replace a sky.

Ferguson Valley

•December 21, 2009 • 14 Comments

Ferguson Valley

This a panorama taken in the Ferguson Valley. The road in the distance Pile Road which pretty much takes you to Wellington Dam. On the other side of the ridge from which this was taken is the valley where the photo from my first post was taken. In the distance here you can see Henty Brook Estate, Ferguson Heart and the Wild Bull Brewery!

JFNP Hovea Falls Image

•November 24, 2009 • 2 Comments

This was taken below Hovea Falls in JFNP, it’s a 5 image stitch I’ve been playing with (amongst others) since  my iMac rebuild. I will visit here more often next year and explore this park, there’s got to be some good images to be had away from the road. I rogained through this park years ago and we came across ruins, old water tank and some stunning wandoo forest, I just need to locate them again.  There’s also pub handy for after a walk/shoot where in the evening where you can feed the kangaroos and there’s BBQ’s from which the kookaburra’s can steal the snags you we’re looking forward too. Alfred’s in Guildford wouldn’t be too far out of anyones way home, and they do a great burger if all the snags get blagged.

iMac Rebuild

•November 19, 2009 • 2 Comments


Errrrrr, mate, ya bonnet's not quite right?



I apologize for the lack of posts just lately but I’ve had a few problems with my iMac. I’m putting this down to folder permissions getting screwed up (power cut during software update suspected), but to cut a long story short I’ve had to do a complete rebuild, thanks to Synergy providing further (kind) gifts of power spikes, twice!!! I’m now learning heaps about Time Machine and a big thanks has to go out to Paul and the Team at PRA for helping me get through the stress and restoring my Aperture Libraries which were ‘toast’ when I turned up with my tail between my legs and a ‘please help’ look in my eye. Thanks again peoples, and yes, I hope to be posting something soon! Stay Tuned…

Signal Hill, Sydney NSW

•October 31, 2009 • 4 Comments

Weather Station Blog

This is an image I took while in Sydney. It was taken just north of the Macquarie Lighthouse between South Head and Bondi Beach, Google Earth/Maps has not been able to provide a definitive name for the location other than ‘Coast guard, Sydney’. I’ve worked out that it’s in/near ‘Signal Hill Reserve’ but any help would be appreciated in the correct naming of this building, it looks like a weather station to me…

This is how I remember the landscape, just after this (stitch) was taken and another (single) image of Macquarie Lighthouse  signalled the end of the bag (maybe posted later), then the heaven’s opened, ‘rain stopped play photography’ as the cardigan’d set would say, and a nice parking space was the order of the moment, visibility down two inches past the windscreen wipers…

I love a bruised sky:)

Spirit of Tasmainia

•October 27, 2009 • 22 Comments

Tassi Ferry #03 1 Blog_thumbThis was the last image I took during an evening sortie to St Kilda (where I had a ‘to die for mocha’ by the way). We stopped here so I could take a just a quick ‘snap shot’, I thought the scene looked amazing (that was my reasoning, and once out of the motor, decided to do a stitch) while everyone else sat in the car and contemplated on: 1)when they’d finally get something to eat & 2) where had the nutter with the photographical obsession disappeared too . I seem to get this a lot!

As for the image: the colours were toyed with in LAB mode. That, and the specie border are thanks to Tuts’ from Mr Lauder.

Any comments and suggestions are considered as treasure!

Cheers all,

My First Post – What was I doing?

•October 26, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Thank you all for you comments but, well, err the wrong post was deleted, I’m blaming Synergy for a minute loss of power whilst adding a new image. So thanks to you you all for helping me with my first blog.

Thanks so far go out to: Merv French,Mark Stothard, Peter Hodgson, Matt Lauder, Bavid Bettini, Katie Leigh & Lloyd Snook, thanks to you all. Your comments may have been lost, I’ll just have to post something new!

Hello world!

•October 19, 2009 • 1 Comment

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!