Karijini Fall #01 take 3

Karijini Falls #01 take 3

Karijini Falls #01 take 3

New, new version, less blue version. I’d appreciate any comments? I like it less blue has enhanced the greens, comments’ anyone?

~ by mattinman on June 5, 2010.

4 Responses to “Karijini Fall #01 take 3”

  1. Prefer this version. Looks more balanced colourwise. I find the bright red rock in the background rather distracting. Have you tried darkening it with curves? Also thought of highlighting the main tree?

  2. I like this version the best Matt, the rock isn’t too distracting to me and in version 4 you have darkened it but it looks a little grey. Tweak the curve to add a bit more saturation to remove the grey look.

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