Karijini Waterfall, new look!!

Thanks for the comments comrades’ in photography, I haven’t produced a square crop as I thought but this is the crop I produced to the requirements of the ‘Better’ series of magazines. Personally, I like this better, square will work but I think this has quite a nice balance.  Once cropped I added a level adjustment that brightened it up a little too. I’ll be interested to see what feed back I get, both images are posted.

~ by mattinman on May 27, 2010.

11 Responses to “Karijini Waterfall, new look!!”

  1. yeah I like this one Matt. much more balanced for my liking.
    the blue reflections are very nice and the tree is great.
    nice work

  2. Thanks mate, I think this is a better representation too. The balance is so much better, and as for the blues, leave the polariser on and take off the effect (off the polarisation), ( turn it off). I’m still playing with it but I think it enhances the reflections from the sky… If you try it let us all know what you think and find! I’m going to try some experiment of may own, once we get some waterfalls/pools of our own in Perth again.

  3. Yeah, Like it better for sure. I found it quite challenging to take shots I liked actually in the gorges because it’s quite busy. I remember saying a few times – too many b***** trees!!

  4. Nice stuff mate!!!,…. those blues look great

  5. drop maybe a bit of the blue back in the water Matt as it is a bit dominant and it will be a cracker. Great detail.

  6. I like this one Matt, yeah maybe a touch to much blue though.

  7. Thanks Matt, I’ll give it try, I’d like to print this one out as a birthday present so I want to get it looking sweet.

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