Palisade Hotel

Here’s an image of the Palisade Hotel that has has been bugging me for quite awhile. I’d really appreciate some feedback on this image. I’m hoping to get back back there later this year and spend some effort on this unique icon of Sydney. I think the area north of The Rocks has a lot to offer. I think I may re-crop and try an Eastway effect, on the hotel itself and darken the edges. Ideas??

~ by mattinman on March 27, 2010.

14 Responses to “Palisade Hotel”

  1. Hi Matt,
    I like the composition, the haloing around the hotel is a tad noticable though and maybe the hotel is a tad bright…thats just my opinion though…those clouds in the top left are really cool

    • Yes, it does look a bit bright now I look at it again! I’ve been assigning colour profiles to sRGB instead of converting them. The image was cropped to keep the clouds. Welcome to the blog, and thanks for the input, it’s appreciated.

  2. Hi Matt,
    what a great looking building !! I think if this was one of my images I would crop most of the left side off probably back to just left of the lamp post and then re edit it a bit from there. I think the hotel needs to be more the main subject. Better still reshoot it when you go back. I hope this sounds like an option to you if not just pretend I never said it, haha.

    Cheers Pete.

    • Reshoot when I go back, that’s a given! This building has got to be captured, and given the ‘Eastway’ treatment. I’m with you, less panoramic and a closer crop.

  3. Hope this is useful as I don’t claim to be mega knowledgable. Was there a reason you included the trees and other buildings to the left? For me they don’t fit and left me confused as to what the story was. Perhaps it’s the lamppost as well! If you cropped to just the hotel and houses on the right I’d still be worried about the cars. I’d make sure they’re not in shot next time.

    • Just to get a panoramic I’m afraid and to keep the clouds. Needs more reconnaissance and a reshoot when I’m next in the Harbour City. Not much can be done about the cars apart from cloning them out, may be an option, after a reshoot!

  4. Nice location Matt. I think it shot wide would look better and give you more room above the building. Post production wise the building looks a bit weird. Almost HDR with a halo edging at the top. Might be better as a B&W.

    The Rocks is a great shot. I have quite a few locations to shoot there but just cant get it because of the traffic and car parking in front of spots.

    • I saw this building and i just know it’d got potential. Apart from the cars and light poles. I’ll be back, this building has become a bit bit of ‘a bee in my bonnet’. I’ll be revisiting this one. i’ll try converting it to B+W and adding some contrast and grit, if it looks any good I’ll post it! Thanks for the feed back, I think your assign/convert Colour Profile Tutorial might help with the brightness! You’re right about the cars’ and buses’ and all the other activity in the area, lots of opportunity for photos’ but there’s always something in the way.

  5. Yep nice location Matt and worth another visit if it’s near by.
    For me I’d keep the wide angle myself and clone out the light poles , car, and whatever that is in front of the building on the right, get rid of the modern tings.

    A bit of light Eastway treatment maybe the go , I think you could do all sorts of things with this one , its a keeper.

    • It’s on the other side of the continent Merv, but I hope to be over there again later this year. I’ll be meeting Mr Eastway later this month, I’m hoping to learn something from him. Olde’ worlde’ and B+W, looks like the way to go.

  6. Hey Matt,
    It certainly is a great looking building and there’s a nice contrast going on in it’s environment.
    I sat looking at this image for ages trying to figure out what was wrong. I think it’s compositional. The hotel is too central and I think this is exaggerated by the lightening and warming of it.
    I think the halo’s are obvious but not that big a deal. I would however be inclined to remove the lamp on the right of frame.
    I think there is a lot of potential here, it’ll be a fun one.

  7. I’m having a blonde day and can’t find your email! Send me an email at the purely pilbara address so we can catch up!

  8. Wow thats a sweet image mate, like the alley next to the building particularly

    • Thanks, I’m intending to be back Sydneyside in July/August. I’ll be revisiting this building, there’s a winner in this building from somewhere, angle and position is the question? I may even have Mr Eastway interested in this subject matter, I do hope so, I’d like to see what he makes of it.

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